Saturday, March 3, 2018

Life at the Top of the caldera

Share author traveled Vulkan in Iceland Glacier yagn hooks to Black, heated controversy, and learning coexist with Lava.

by Jonathan B Tourtellot (is National Geographic Fellow), executive summary by darmansjah

"I was able to fly you to vulkan!" Cried the enthusiastic pilot. "This is a rare opportunity! We'll fly low zig-zag between the ice cliff. "He moves his hands like a wriggling snake, adding:" Flying lower the better. Flying high could hit the cliff. "Then he told me about the wonders of lava, the greatness of nature, carelessness government-things I do not know. Vulkan or mountain berapai it, Eyjafjallajokull, erupted two years ago. Blankets ashes crippling road and air traffic in Europe for days-the worst disaster after World War II (called, "that vol-CANE-oh in ICE-land").

The pilot was the Icelandic versatile, Omar Ragnarsson, 70, radio entertainers, filmmakers, newscasters, journalists, comedians, politicians, and environmental activists. In the summer, he wrote a blog about the dangers that threaten the countryside in Iceland. He wrote what he saw from the cockpit of his Cessna 172 for the 35-year-old opener people about Eyjafjallajokull (read: Ehya-fyettala-yuh-kuttle).

I'm doubtful. It seems not a good idea surrender my life to the aging pilot who likes to fly this plane passed. Especially my wife, Sally, had intended traveled vulcan in Iceland (this trip with his wife for the third time, and I personally the sixth time). We never get tired of enjoying the diversity as well as natural and cultural uniqueness of the country inhabited around 309 000 inhabitants. While Virginia hit by a humid summer, we have reason to fly to Iceland to experience the cold dry, volcanic eruptions as well.

Iceland topped the Mid-Atlantic ridge, belt mountains and valleys where the eruptive fissure periodic basis to expand the Atlantic Ocean. We want to experience living in settlements frenzy, down the active volcano area of the south coast after the Westman Islands, wading interior Arctic, to the city of Husavik on the northeast coast. Just what we worry about: Will the recent eruption attract crowds of tourists?

Friday, February 2, 2018

Compulsion TOP JAPAN

Everyone wants to religious visit to the peak, including Yoko Ono, by Adiseno, executive summary by darmansjah.

The Japanese were seen Fuji as intimate Ohyama. But the mountains of Fuji-san is not familiar with the meaning behind the name of a person. Fuji-san itself means is Mount Fuji. Familiarity in Fuji-san rooted in culture.

The mountain is sacred, a place of pilgrimage, where every nation's children have visited. Struggled to climb. A tour of Fuji-san, who has dropped down from 500 years ago, Akira Yoneyama explained that
Yoko Ono led her to climb Fuji. John Lennon's wife is not proud Yoneyama-san. He was more than happy to tell his experiences led women aged 95 years to climb Fuji-san. "I had to walk backwards while going down to block the wind," he said proudly.

Ohyama stayed home Fujisanroku shaped dome, large windows facing towards Fuji-san. from his home to get to Kawaguchiko 5th Station is not far away.

The route from the other three routes within easy reach of the five lakes, popular location shooting Fuji-san. Station 5 is the location can still be reached by vehicle. Fujinomiya closest to the actual summit fuji-san. Known, the peak and the highest circle where there are weather research station, located in the southern part. While the lowest fifth station, which means that the most distant way in Gotemba. The fifth station on the fourth line is Subashiri.

I climb through the Yoshida route. Leaving one in the morning, even in the snow already blanketed the peaks, but the air is not too cold. In October, climbing season ends, because the winter started to go.
This mountain was first climbed Buddhist priest, En-no-Shokaku, in the 7th century. There are more than 13,000 temples in the vicinity. While all Japanese like a pilgrimage to it, only one percent of the estimated work.

Accidents fall and push each other like dominoes blades and never repeated. But during the winter ahead, slip hazard on steep slopes and sliding freely hundreds of meters can be fatal.

And climb Fuji-san means walking path width. In the rugged highlands lodge building between food and lodging available steps. After the long slope, and nearly four hours passed, blew the light began to wander. Final ascent visible, targeted Torii Gate. The closer, looks full of coins wooden pole. Inserted as a prayer and gratitude.

Monday, January 1, 2018


Sparkling and modern music pounding, executive summary by darmanjsah

Actually, this is not a museum. Looks like the museum was not. Sound Museum Vision is one of the club when it was busy talking. located in the Shibuya area, just a few minutes walk from Shibuya Station. Just a few hundred yards from the statue of Hachiko was phenomenal.

Vision next sighting did not represent that it is a club that was hype. From the street, it looks exactly the same as the existing eateries side. The difference is only tacked Sound Museum Vision logo on the front glass door.

To enter the room in the club, we had half a floor down the stairs to get to the reception desk. For ordinary nights, tickets for 1000-5000 yen not including first drink. However, on special occasions, the cover price to enter the Vision can be very varied. Depending on who the DJ that hosts the evening.

Just for info, a lot of world class DJ who took time to play in the Vision now come to Japan. The names of classmates Peter Tsoh, Calvin Harris, Chris Liebing to appear frequently in the list of performers. It also makes the visitors attracted to always come to this club.

Go inside, we'll see an area of ​​80-100 square meters. This is the main dance hall owned by Vision. In the left corner near the entrance, there is a new bar will be open until midnight. While Just steps away from the bar, there is a bar again, which has been open since late afternoon.
No vandalism in Japan. The entire public telephone facilities are always maintained and operating properly.