Tuesday, December 12, 2017

FROM HIROSHIMA for World Peace

FROM HIROSHIMA for World Peace
By Rendy S. Surya, executive summary by darmansjah

Hiroshima is one of the city proper to 'mirror' the meanings of the values ​​of universal peace. That was my impression when stamped step Genbaku Dome (Atomic Bomb Dome) in Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park complex. Rubble exhibit Prefektual Hiroshima Industrial Promotion Hall roofed ellipse is at ground zero, the location of the fall of the atomic bombs that forced Japan's surrender in World War II.

For me, one of the most thrilling monument in the complex is a Children's Peace Monument
A nine meter high building culminates girls were lifting the statue-shaped origami paper birds. This is the personification of Sadako Sasaki who suffer from leukemia due to exposure to atomic bomb radiation when she was two years old.

When visiting this place, I was offered a piece of paper to make origami and placed near the monument. Once, a friend of Sadako who visit during hospitalization encourage him: he who makes a thousand paper birds then the petition will be granted the gods. He also survive to the age of 12 years and eagerly continue folding origami paper until his last days arrive.

I also took time to stop by the island of Miyajima. Unesco world heritage status has pinned against this place with Genbaku Dome, Itsukushima Shinto Shrine worship. If you want to place, I suggest coming in the fall, because the maple trees turn colors featuring charming.

Saturday, November 11, 2017



Contemporary fashion style of Sakura, by Junior Respati; executive summary by darmansjah

Speaking of Harajuku, which would immediately think of is Takeshita Street. The road is located directly opposite Harajuku Station is widely recognized as the Harajuku area.

Naturally, every weekend, there are many young Japanese are showcased along the path sets that contain a variety of boutique fashion products. They dressed up, complete with fabulous accessories that make me dumbfounded.

However, my goal to Harajuku is not  enjoy Takeshita  Dori. I chose to come to the region Jingumae Bape Store.

Finding this store is not difficult. It's right behind Jingumae Primary School. Right around the corner.

This is not the first store Bathing Ape. But at the Bape Store Harajuku, which opened in 1999, we can get the latest collection of Bathing Ape, clothing line built by Nigo, a Japanese hip-hop frontman who is also a member of Teriyaki Boyz.

Consisting of three floors, Bathing Ape Harajuku Store now come up with the concept of Space Rock n Roll Harajuku. The appearance from the outside is sensational with the dominant color of metal. At night, when the lights are mounted blue florescence to decorate store is brightly lit, the spacey feel much more pronounced.

Once inside the store, we will immediately aware that the Bape Store is not like other boutiques. Product display area is not dominated the room. Lots of empty space that allows us to enjoy the ambience space designed to support product nuance its hip-hop fashion.

 Collection available at Bape Store Harajuku including complete. There are three areas that are intended for men's colletion, woment's collection, and kids. They feature the latest collection of designer bands are also often used by famous rapper Pharell Williams classmates and colleagues at NERD.

For the collection of modes available, simply variety. Ranging from t-shirts, jackets, hoodies, until the latest collection Bapestar, Nigo made shoe line with Nike Force basic model available complete: men and women.
I think the choice is rather limited collection of clothing for children. However, if you still insist want to find products Bathing Ape Kids, you can ask the salesperson. Because, not far from the Bape Store Harajuku - Just is about a block away, we can find a store Bape Kids. Interested?

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Entertainment a "Oiran"

Original Text by Hesti Setiarini, executive summary by darmansjah

DO NOT misinterpretation of the Oiran. The mention of the profession for a woman who is not entertaining certain circles in the context sexsual. I want to describe, this profession is far from anything like that. Because to be a Oiran, a woman must be capable of doing Chado (tea ceremony), ikebana (the art of flower arranging), and calligraphy.

In order to compensate for communication, one must have the intellectual Oiran above average. He must be able to speak Japanese high-only used for noble. Of course, physical beauty is primary.
In Japan, not just anyone who can use the services Oiran. Only the state officials and the rich and the formal invitation which recipient can enjoy their services. Oiran presence on the road is very easy to know. It uses complex and fancy patterned kimono and wearing more than eight barrette comb the hair in a bun, dang eta (sandals) as high as 15 centimeters. Group Oiran always accompanied by a convoy of aides and bodyguards.

Oiran own name appears in the Edo period (1600-1868). That is upscale comfort women. They only exist in some major cities, such as Kyoto, shinmachidi in Osaka, and Edo (Tokyo). In 1761, the golden age of Oiran ends. In place of publication of the geisha, entertainers equivalent Oiran and maintenance services can be enjoyed by all walks of life. Film production west, one of which, carrying a negative effect on the profession Oiran and geisha-branding as a female "entertainers". And it's wrong!.

Oiran were courtesans in Japan. The Oiran were considered a type of yūjo "woman of pleasure" or prostitute. However, they are distinguished from the yūjo in that they were entertainers, and many became celebrities of their times outside the pleasure districts. Their art and fashions often set trends among the wealthy and, because of this, cultural aspects of Oiran traditions continue to be preserved to this day.

In his time, the samurai lady called onna-bugeisha, generally work for the upper class society.